Saturday, March 22, 2014

      Ok we have recently started aba therapy in the home which im still kinda nervous about it but I will get through this like I always do. We have only done a week and he is doing so much better after that first week makes me so excited what the future holds. I really love our therapist to she is so kind and so very patient with him she never raises her voice I completely respect her for what she deals with on a daily with the children and she has the patience of a goddess i swear this is going to be good. Any way if you have the option to do it DO IT  you wont regret it later.  We do so much for our children to make them ready for the world and i know we worry about our special angels when they grow up and move out I know I stay up thinking about this time.  I also know that I am doing thw best that I can be with what I have to work with. This is the group i work with i give them a huge shout out for the work they are doing. I  have als seen other children with these people and they are doing great  they are great.   

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