Friday, December 18, 2015

Packing for a whole family

Trying to pack for 5 people and keep a clean house with all the therapy$ and cleaning is insane. Someobe send me a maid

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Me taking one of the babys to school

Its been a very pleasant day. I just wish that my son was not so addicted to minecraft kind of games as he turns into a big meanie butt trying to kick bite and sctratch to get what he wants. Well like all things are everything seems to be a work of progress ib this family.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

my has 2015 gone by

Man this year has been super crazy i cant believe its almost over. We have gone thru so much stuff this year including a crash with my car husband out in the feild bills money issues but the kids are oh so very happy. That is all i need it seems.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

hello we have made some big changes lots of things are happening in our home and things are so much happier now. Alright to start off we as parents have to look for ways to make our children's lives better and one of those things are  what we put inside their bodies! normally we eliminate wheat and milk. I don't know about you but have you tasted that stuff without gluten anyway its nasty and does not have any fluff to it and i like the fluff. So me and my husband where talking what if instead of getting rid of the glutin we take out as much chemicals as we can you know the extra preservative  and the stuff to help it tasty really good get rid of that instead have you seen the ingrediants for bread!!!!
this was one of my favorite types too!!!im gonna count how many ingreadiants that are nothing but chemicals .... a whopping 20 ingredients that don't need to be in there at all. thats desgusting. know i make my own bread and it has 7  ingredients. Also are you aware i add flax seeds in there for taste dit last longer and people come over begging me to make some bread. It also makes my nhouse smell amazing.
                Know it has become just a game how many things can i replace with my  own home made product for cheaper and better. know i make my own butter, whip cream  i just started making huge banches of already cooked beans for my recipes that literally took me 30 minutes time actively working on them. That also bagging time lol! so know i have cut out a ton of unessesary chemicals into my babys bodies and withen a month of doing this my son does not need his respidal any more we have taken him off completly and he turned from this angrey very upset child 24/7 to this very affections hugging kissing i love you little boy he is polite and well mannered he is the gentilmen  opening doors for me and people at the store he is getting mad becouse he is seeing trash on the ground and cleaning it up to help the world i mean this is a total reversal. I used to cry wondering how we where gonna help him become a calmer boy and know i don't need too. I mean i literally can go on and on about this meracoulis change but i wont ill let you do that when you figure it out. i Dare you to pick up something you eat regurely and read the back and google the ingredeants. I mean this all started out in jorden when my hubby was deployed and decided to do just that. FUYINS is what he was eating and they put it right on the package that you might be eating metal shavings only with a big fancy word for it. I mean come on now i dont want that. just some food for thought as i go put my babys to bed tonight!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

hahaha so my computer kicked the bucket back in November so I have not been able to write at all gah i have the worst luck with computers haha