Wednesday, November 19, 2014

On my phone

Hahaa i just finally got unlazy i downloaded it

       OK so my very first big blog  this is something I have been thinking about for quite awhile and I run into quite a lot of parents who are in the same boat. Now shhh are  you ready for this Its a clean house? or one who doesn't look like a tornado has hit! we all now that feeling right gosh knows I do and then I start to freak out that my house is so freaking dirty. I mean you can walk into someone house who has 4 kids and they magically have this stupidly clean house and your like how the f*** do they do it right? You then proceed to ask them how do they do it and all they say is.......... Oh I just clean it I just clean all the time!!!!  If your like me that's not what is gonna help you out. I need something solid some help other then 'oh i just clean" because I don't want to be cleaning all day. Also  that doesn't help me much because I refuse to clean all day I refuse I have 4 beautiful baby's to play with I refuse to clean all day!!  

       so step one we need to find a place in our heads that we can make sense out if it!!!! this part is gonna be kinda easy to do I want you to spend the next week and I want you to pick one room aka maybe the kitchen that one is mine because I have a love hate relationship with that room

 1. So I want you to time yourself how long does it take you to clean that room up just do how you normally  do it no rush just like any other day OK. when our done mark your time to how long it takes you to do it.Do these for a whole week and keep track in your head or write it down some place you know where to find it and keep it to yourself I'm bad if I wait like I used to do and do a whole day worth of dishes it would take me at least an hour after the kids went down to bed which sucks cuz you know they can run you ragged all day  also when am I supposed to get my time with the hubs or time with a good book I WONT because I'm to tired to do so. self care is really important to everybody but that's another chapter in life for another Day. Next week we will do step two if you have yet to figure it out lol.